Book a Visit with Patricia May 

                                      Author, Speaker, Teacher

                                       ~30 minute presentation ~                                           


30 min. presentation - $100.00

*Teachers receive free book and calming jar


Creating and writing books for kids is my passion. Inspiring kids to use their imaginations is my goal. In this 30 minute presentation, I have put together powerful messages and offer the tools to help kids learn to quiet the mind, relax and make their days full of peace and joy.  

Reading and demonstrating a few techniques from my books encourages the kids to participate in these exercises, guiding them into mindful practices. The kids love doing the Seashell Meditations and learning a simple way to quiet the mind using calming jars.

It's a very interactive and a creative way for kids and adults to spend some special quiet time together. 

Click the link for a preview of the presentation. 


  If you would like to set up a time to have this presentation done for your group, class, yoga, meditation, school, Montessori, home, event or where ever kids gather, just contact me through my "contact page" and we will put you on the calendar. 

  I will send out agreement and book order forms before the day of the presentation. 

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