About Me

                                    My name is Patsy Bunfill.

  I also carry the name, Patricia May as my author pen name. Throughout this website you will find lots of information about  me and what I have done so I won't duplicate all that on this page. This page is for my life coaching business, The Awakened Mind Coaching. 

  For the past 5 years, I have created, written, illustrated and published children's books offering mindful practices, exercises and techniques. Although these are children's books, adults have reaped the benefits from them as well. Teachers, coaches, students, classrooms, and various groups have all had much success using these books and the techniques in them. After 9 books, I am now in the process of launching my new book, "Find Your Purpose" 12 Steps to life's Intent for adults. This book will contain more detail, depth, and an understanding of what results from mindful treatments. 

                                      Where am I going with this?

  As I write this book with intentions of helping adults through life's crises, turmoils, emotional distress and self- sabotage, bringing light to awareness, self-love and worthiness, I had a deep desire to help in a personal and accessible way.

I am passionate about my teachings in all my books and wanted to take these teachings out of my books and into the hearts of those who desire to learn. It's a win win situation for me as well as all who read them. I am able to do what I am completely committed to while others also benefit from these powerful practices. Click here and check out my FB to see my teachings and coaching techniques.  


                                            Why am I qualified?

  I am a certified Meditation Teacher and Life Coach, youth group teacher, speaker, and author. I have sold over 10,000 copies of my books that are now being used throughout the country and beyond. My books have 5 endorsements from World Renowned Hay House authors, speakers, teachers, and radio show hosts. I have been interviewed on radio and tv presenting these teachings. I currently do presentations at schools, events and in various groups. Taking many classes and courses throughout the years, loving and using these spiritual teachings myself has been a huge encouragement for me to pass on what I have learned and experienced.  

                           What can you expect from my coaching?

  While in session, we will talk about what ever concerns you. What is blocking you from getting what you want to be, do and have? We will sort through blockages and old beliefs that are holding you back from your desires. We will learn to re-create our old thoughts into new possibilities. Access the power of right now where all the power of decisions making exist. Learn to access internal wisdom and learn to follow the guidance system within. Become the best possible you, you can be. Live life fully each day, trust the Universe has your back. Attract greater expression into your life with intention. And, live life on purpose with peace of mind. 

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